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Sterling Taylor GQ Magazine
I was featured in GQ Outubro magazine in the #MUSTFOLLOW section. See the article here: GQ Outubro – Ultima Translated: “”Adventurer” – the first word you read in the description for Sterling Taylor on Instagram. The photographer started in May, beginning a year-long trip across 49 US states only with a bike, a backpack and the spirit of adventure, capturing and sharing photos that serve as their daily diary. Because of the need “…to feel and witness America” Sterling opted to travel by bike and to “gain more respect by road.” Despite the great pictures, Sterling does not hesitate to say that your favorite photo is the one that is not on the internet, but on your wallet.”   Original: “”Aventureiro” é mesmo a primeira palavra que se lê na descrição de Sterling Taylor no Instagram. O fotógrafo deu, em maio, início a uma viagem de um ano por 49…Continue Reading
Sterling Taylor Adventures
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Sterling Taylor Adventure Videos
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Sterling Taylor Mountain Climber
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Sterling Taylor Media
Wild Willy’s Hot Springs Celebrating a brief reprieve from the scattered storms with my boys. Also celebrating finding a last minute climbing buddy (thanks to @strongholdclimb) for the north west face of Half Dome next week (might be climbing during a storm also, storm everything)
Sterling Taylor Motorcycle Dirtbag
Livin Life Engine Burns + Showerless + Climb Cuts + Bike Repairs + Skin Repairs + Ray Burns + Problem Solving + Homeless + Park Ranger Evasion + Being Totally Lost + Pack Downs + Gear Breaking and freedom to do all the above for a year = Livin Life